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Absum : (Latin) To be away, be absent, be distant

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Setting Up

Your iPad/iPhone :

Switch off the Multitasking Gestures in Settings, General (if you don’t and try to move 4 faders at one time your iPad will move the screen up to reveal the multitasking bar)

Make sure that Absum-8 is not already running in the background.

(double tap the Home Button to reveal the multitasking bar. Hold down the icon until it wobbles and has a minus sign in the top left corner. Press the minus sign to close the App fully. Press the Home Button once more and the icons will stop wobbling. Press it once more to return your screen to normal)

Your Wifi Network

Make sure that your iPad and computer are on the same network.

It is best to switch off Bluetooth on your Mac.

Your Mac

Open Audio MIDI Setup from your Utilities folder.

In the MIDI Studio window, double click the Network icon.

Create a new session by clicking the addition sign and Enable it by ticking the checkbox.

In the Who May Connect To Me option box, select either Anyone or Only computers in my Directory.

Now open Absum-8 and your iPad’s name will appear in the Directory window.

Select your iPad and click the Connect button. Your iPad will now appear in the Participants window. You’re now connected and nearly ready to go.

Close all the MIDI set-up windows

Your DAW Software

From the Options button on Absum-8, select SETUP and then select the Button Layout to match your DAW.

Start your DAW software.

Add a Mackie Control surface using your session name/number (from above) as the Input and Output.

Absum-8 should automatically be detected and installed, but a couple of the DAWs may require you to press the SEND INIT button from the Absum-8 Options after adding the Mackie Control.